Somos Broadcast Media

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Our company's services


Distribution of new and used professional audio and video equipment.


Servicing the distributed products with or without warranty.

Spare parts order

We take care of the continuous spare parts supply of the distributed brands.

About us

The main profile of Somos Broadcast Media Co. the distribution and maintenance service of professional audio- and video technical equipment a significant activity of the company was system planning, system integration

The company has achieved great success in a relatively short period of time in the distribution of new and used equipment.We received the right to be an official distributor of Sony Broadcast and Professional products from Sony Hungarian Ltd.

Not only television studios are part of our partner group but film and video postproduction studios as well. Our main partners are Focus Fox, Cabbage Group and the worldwide known Colorfront Studio.

By the sales of our second-hand the company has acquired exceptional relationship with many other companies. By this it has achieved to cover a great part of domestically second-hand market.

The distributed products come with unique market based financial conditions and also the guarantee for the secondhand product has been extended.


Attila Somos– CEO

Katalin Kalmár – Financial
Phone: +361-4608050

Gábor Spiegl – Service
Phone: +361-4608050

István Kalmár – Service technician


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